Bathroom Counter Tops

Another challenging task was found with Formica countertops with a pebble-like finish that trapped just about anything and everything in the texture. Spray, scrub, and wipe with enzyme Tub & Tile cleaner tackles that task completely.

Glass Shower Doors

Soap scum and lime deposits typically find their way to these glass surfaces. Tub & Tile along with an abrasive pad will easily and quickly remove even large build-ups. Usually just a rinse with fresh water is all that's needed, but for an extra special spotless clean just squeegee it down and wipe with a dry paper towel. And if you grab a long bristled scrub brush, you can also get those tracks and grooves clean while you're at it.

Rust Stained Carpet

This is one of my favorites! We all know it's nearly impossible to remove rust from carpet. Recently a customer had their carpet professionally cleaned yet a rust spot remained. Not expecting much, I suggested soaking it overnight with enzyme Carpet cleaner. To our surprise the next morning much of it was gone and after three applications the rust stain had completely disappeared. Since rust isn't an organic material, it's a mineral, iron oxide, how did the enzymes remove the stain? Our microbiologist explained that rust, as with most stains, are held in place by organic material - natural glue. Therefore when the enzyme reaction removed the organic material, the iron oxide was simply swept away. The mystery is solved and what seemed impossible was actually successfully achieved.



Kitchen Ceramic Tile

A woman called with kitchen floor tile with a lot of texture. Really all sorts of nooks and crannies that make it a real bear to keep clean. She thought she needed to seal her floor with wax so it would be easier to clean, but we offered her a better alternative. You see, wax is soft and dirt is easily embedded in it, it scratches easily, and it has to be stripped and replaced frequently. All she really needed to do was regularly use our enzyme Floors cleaner. She has found even deep craters stay clean without using a scrub brush, and she doesn't have all the added maintenance of floor wax.

Marble Tile

Stone requires special care and a neutral pH cleaner, yet because it's porous traditional stone cleaners have a hard time getting ground in dirt out of those crevices and pores. Naturally It's Clean - Floors just needs to soak for a few minutes to begin breaking down the dirt without hurting the stone yet leaving the surface deep down clean. Use of a soft bristled deck brush helps reach into those pores and speed up the process. And for heavy soiled surfaces, a wet-vac can really insure the loosened dirt gets drawn away.




My home has large overhangs and tall oak trees, so mildew growth on the siding has been a constant battle. Twice a year I sprayed the whole house down with bleach, yet 2 months later mold returned? again, and again, and again. Plus I was very concerned about toxic bleach affecting our plants. About a year and a half ago, I cleaned it with our enzyme Mildew Stains cleaner and today the entire house remains mold free. Oh, and the plants are doing very well too.


Our `50's ranch has another mildew problem area, my wife's shower. All the walls are tiled, and there's no vent so moisture builds up providing a good place for mold growth. As with the siding, the enzyme Mildew Stains cleaner ended this problem once and for all. Now that it's clean, all we do is spray down the walls and ceiling once a month with Mildew Stains and mold doesn't return.

Hot Tub Stone Walls

This was a tough one. Mold and mildew had found a home in the porous limestone walls near a customer's portable hot tub. Previously, nothing completely removed the mold and it seemed to grow back overnight. This one took about 3 applications over a one week period of the enzyme Mildew Stains cleaner, but the result was perfection. Longer lasting results were accomplished by also sealing the stone with StoneTech's penetrating sealer and monthly spray downs with enzyme Mildew Stains cleaner.

Flood Damage

Our Ceramic Enhancement crew recently was called to work at a church where the basement had flooded two feet deep. The water was pumped out, but the concrete block, the wood cabinets, and all the drywall was covered with mold. We sprayed everything with the enzyme Mildew Stains cleaner, brushed it in, let set for about 15 minutes, brushed it a final time, and then rinsed with fresh water - the result was completely free of mold. Even the drywall was thoroughly clean.

Concrete Patio

Another Naturally It's Clean customer battled a blackened patio, and once again the cause was mold & mildew. For her we not only cleaned the surface with enzyme Mildew Stains cleaner, we also used StoneTech's Exterior penetrating sealer to make the concrete less porous. The result is a patio that's still looking like new one year later. Before discovering enzyme cleaners, the patio would have been black again in 2-3 months, and the sealers helps make it easier to keep clean.



Cutting Board

My wife has a small wood cutting board that she's had for 25 years. As you can imagine, it had become quite stained and looked dirty even after coming out of the dishwasher. One spray application of the enzyme Kitchen cleaner, a little scrub brush action, let it set for about 30 minutes, a final brush and rinse, and the result was a very new looking board? except for all the years of cut marks.

Glass Top Stove

My house has an electric cook top that's black glass with a history of being impossible to get really clean. Everything just smeared and streaked the grease around except a polish-like product that's applied like car wax and buffed out after it dries. With Kitchen cleaner, the grime and grease splatters were broken down so completely and the surface so clean that even black glass was left streak free without nearly the time and effort of the polish. Baked on food required an abrasive pad but was also successfully removed.

Sink Stains

A StyleStone type of sink had accumulated brownish coffee stains over the years and not even scrubbing compounds could remove them. Using Kitchen cleaner daily to keep it clean at first reduced the stain and after a few weeks completely eliminated the problem. Plus, the garbage disposal odors disappeared as well.

Kitchen Counter

Formica is usually pretty forgiving but fruit stains do pose a cleaning challenge. If Kitchen is used promptly after the juice stain appears, the stain is gone almost instantly. If it sets a little longer, using an abrasive sponge pad and letting it "soak" for 10 minutes or so will successfully remove even these tough stains.

Refrigerator Doors

Heavy texture helps keep finger prints from showing, but makes cleaning much more difficult. For this application we've found using Kitchen along with a well rinsed white & blue "Eraser" sponges is the right combination to achieving a perfectly clean refrigerator cabinet. Once the outside is spotless, try it on the glass shelves and bins with a regular sponge and you'll have it looking new inside and out.


Stain Eraser

Blood Stain

I was given a sample of Stain Eraser at Expo East and found an immediate use for it. I'd cut myself earlier in the day and had a blood stain on my pants that looked really awful. I unfolded the towlette and after 30 seconds of rubbing the stain I found the stain was completely gone. 15 minutes later the spot had dried and you could never tell the blood was ever there.

-Frank Leonardi, Life Smart Foods

Juice Stain

I'd been drinking a bottle of Gogi Berry Juice and accidentally spilled a little on my shirt sleeve. The stain had been there for a few hours before I could use Stain Eraser on it, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it still removed 95% of the stain. Better yet, after being laundered, the stain was completely gone. Since then I've used Stain Eraser many times and believe all the juice would have been removed if I'd just used Stain Eraser right after the spill.

-Bill Thomas, Wai Lana

Marker Stain

Working at a childcare center has given me countless opportunities to use Stain Eraser and we have yet to find a stain it could not remove. One particularly memorable incident was with a 4th grader who spilled ketchup on his prized, autographed hockey jersey. Needless to say the boy was devastated at the thought of what he'd done. The spill was right on the autograph so we were a little concerned Stain Eraser might also remove the ink, but that wasn't a problem at all and the ketchup cleaned right off. I'm not sure if mom or dad ever heard about the stain or if they ever knew he'd worn that jersey to school!

-Angie Linske, Knudsen Elementary School

As a businessman, I travel a great deal which means eating a lot of meals on the road. Invariably it seems food spills happen just before an important meeting or presentation when I have to look my best. Before I tried Stain Eraser, I'd even stopped to buy new shirts or ties because of a food stain. Now I carry Stain Eraser in my briefcase and always keep a box in my car knowing most any food accident can be erased right on the spot. I'd love to see these right at the restaurants, but until they are I'll just keep one handy.

-Mark Wilamowski, State Farm Insurance Agent


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