Enzymes are a new way to clean for a healthier home.

  • Stains on your kitchen floor are removed naturally
  • Food preparation surfaces are cleaned naturally
  • Mold and mildew stains are eliminated naturally

Our new line of all natural, non-toxic cleaning products really work - products that not only out perform other natural cleaners, but chemical cleaners you've tried before.

Our enzymes dissolve dirt and grime into it's basic natural components - safe for you, safe for our planet.


There's a popular misconception that safe, natural cleaners don't do the job well. This is sustained by mass marketing telling you that cleaning requires an arsenal of potent and toxic cleaners. In fact, none of this is true.

Why are we so confident that our products work? Not only do we test and compare them to both natural and traditional cleaners in the lab, we also test them out there in real world. Our consumer associates throughout the country use Naturally It's Clean™ products in their homes. What's more, our sister company, Ceramic Enhancement, has used enzyme cleaners professionally with residential and commercial customers for years. And frankly, all these folks are pretty tough to please.

Through this real-world experience, you can be confident we won't hide the real-world limitations of our products. We'll help you understand just how our products work and how to best use them, so you can judge for yourself.


Enzymes are family safe...

How do you protect your family? Experts agree that toxic elements in our environment are largely responsible for the increased occurrence of cancer and serious health issues in our world today.

Naturally It's Clean™ enzyme cleaning products are all natural. They do not release harmful gases of any kind. They're non-toxic, non-caustic, hypoallergenic, and safe for human, animal, and plant life. They contain no petroleum-based ingredients and even use an all natural colorant for our Floors and Toilet products.

Enzymes are truly nature's safest solution.


Enzymes come from nature and are present in all biological systems. One of the most interesting, and we think amazing, things about enzymes is how they speed up natural processes to return organic matter back to basic elements like carbon, hydrogen and oxygen - not just biodegradable, they speed up the process.

Enzymes are not just part of a sustainable environment, they create one. For an enzyme to work, the material it works on must be present. If no such material is available to the enzyme, the enzyme performs no function. Therefore, the only warning label is keep it out of your eyes and they can be used on nearly any surface not damaged by water. Our products are wonderful cleaners, but they do not disinfect. We recommend using natural disinfectants such as Tea Tree Oil or Thyme Oil for disinfecting.

Naturally It's Clean™ cleaners are non-toxic, non-caustic, and hypoallergenic. They are free of harsh fumes and vapors, phosphates, chlorine and petroleum. And of course, are not tested on animals. Simply put, our cleaners are the most eco-friendly products in the market.


Enzymes are nature's solution to cleaning...

Enzymes - you've heard the word before, but just what are enzymes? Fact is, they're large protein molecules found in all living things. Enzymes are energetic tools of nature that speed chemical processes or create chemical reactions. Because enzymes are produced by natural systems, it's not surprising that they're biodegradable. What's more, enzymes are naturally non-toxic. All these traits are powerful assets when it comes to maintaining a healthy home. They don't disinfect, but they do leave the surface perfectly clean.

Furthermore, enzymes pinpoint their targets. They are resistant to decay which means they remain ready to act well after you finish. They work exclusively on organic materials (starch, fats, food, grease, oil to name a few) and react only with their target. This makes them safe to use, with no side effects, and no need to for lengthy warning labels. Choosing enzymes over traditional cleaning agents allows you to do the job precisely and effectively without the collateral damage inflicted by toxic chemicals.

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