We’d like you to know we truly love what we do. We love the way our products look and feel and smell. We love the way they clean so well. We love how safe our products are for the people who use them and for the earth. And we love the way our customers share our enthusiasm for our unique products. We are truly a company that feels passionately about our business.

And we appreciate having this opportunity to share with you the story of our company, how we came to be, and what we value. I hope you’ll find our story so compelling you say, “Now that’s the kind of company I want to do business with”.

The idea that started ChemFree Solutions originated with the experience of a Co-Founder who had a company restoring tile in showers and tubs. One of the problems they frequently encountered was mold and mildew on stone, grout, and concrete. Like most, they tried chlorine bleach, but the crews couldn’t breathe because of the toxic fumes, and our customers complained of the mold kept returning. There had to be a better way.

Through research, development, and testing the answer was found – enzyme-based cleaners that were not only more effective at removing mold, but the mold didn’t return as quickly. Plus, those toxic fumes were gone. Through continued testing, enzyme-based cleaners proved to be the most effective solution for a very wide range of cleaning problems. Enzymes truly are a new and better way to clean because they are not only safe, but the most effective cleaner technology they had ever used.

So we looked to the marketplace and found enzyme cleaners were being used for commercial and industrial jobs, including such diverse tasks as: cleaning up large oil spills, carpet cleaning, greasy restaurant kitchens, and cleaning surgical instruments before sterilization. For consumers though, there were few real choices.

Our next challenge was to find the best combination of enzymes to clean various tasks. Since enzymes are very targeted we needed an amalgamation of different enzymes to tackle the very disparate cleaning tasks. With one exception, Stain Erasers and Laundry, all of our products have unique recipes, focused on the cleaning task. We were rewarded by finding not only the best enzyme solutions, but the highest grade of enzymes, hospital grade enzymes. Our source for the enzymes is a leading supplier of enzymes for cleaning surgical equipment in the U.S. They meet all of the exacting requirements hospitals have for purity and safety.

In the end, our story is not complete without satisfied customers. We are committed to bringing you the best products and if you are ever disappointed, please give us a call and we will strive to make sure your experience with our products is a good one.

Thank you for your support of a small company that is committed to having 100% of our product made in America.

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