The Pure & Fresh Enzymes™ in our Mildew Stains cleaner break down organic food sources into its basic elements. Carbon, hydrogen and other elements readily integrate with the environment instead of polluting it. Provides the longest-lasting results and is safe around outdoor vegetation. Mildew Stains can also be used on surfaces normally kept a safe distance from bleach. Plus enzymes completely remove odors leaving the room smelling fresh and truly clean without strong fragrances.

Now available in new 24 ounce bottles!

Use: Spray, scrub with a sponge or brush, soak, repeat scrubbing until clean, rinse if possible.

Complete Ingredients: Water, plant-based enzyme blend, plant-based surfactant (alkyl polyglucoside), preservative (1,2-benisothiazolin-3-one), all natural lemon scent, natural stabilizer (formic acid).

Material Safety Data Sheet

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