Stain Eraser - Naturally It's Clean

Stain Eraser

Safely Cleans: Food, Ink, Grass and Grease stains

From: Cotton, Synthetics, Silk and Wool.

The Pure & Fresh EnzymesTM in our Stain Eraser break down difficult food, coffee, chocolate, fruit stains, grease and oil stains into their basic elements. Even blood and soda stains simply fall apart when our enzymes break down the organic materials that caused them. Plus, our enzymes completely remove odors leaving the spot fresh and truly clean without strong fragrances.

Use: Unfold the towelette, rub vigorously around stain working towards the center, for stubborn stains rub both sides and repeat in 5 minutes, let it dry (We all spill, our Stain Eraser will make it look like you never do).

Complete Ingredients: Biodegradable cellulose towelette, water, Pure & Fresh EnzymesTM blended from plants, coconut oil surfactant, and Citrus essential oil fragrance.

Safety Data Sheet

Made without Bleach and harmful Hydroxides!

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What Other's Are Saying:

Working at a childcare center has given me countless opportunities to use Stain Eraser and we have yet to find a stain it could not remove. One particularly memorable incident was with a 4th grader who spilled ketchup on his prized, autographed hockey jersey. Needless to say the boy was devastated at the thought of what he'd done. The spill was right on the autograph so we were a little concerned Stain Eraser might also remove the ink, but that wasn't a problem at all and the ketchup cleaned right off. I'm not sure if mom or dad ever heard about the stain or if they ever knew he'd worn that jersey to school!

I'd been drinking a bottle of berry Juice and accidentally spilled a little on my shirt sleeve. The stain had been there for a few hours before I could use Stain Eraser on it, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it still removed 95% of the stain. Better yet, after being laundered, the stain was completely gone. Since then I've used Stain Eraser many times and believe all the juice would have been removed if I'd just used Stain Eraser right after the spill.

I was given a sample of Stain Eraser at Expo East and found an immediate use for it. I'd cut myself earlier in the day and had a blood stain on my pants that looked really awful. I unfolded the towlette and after 30 seconds of rubbing the stain I found the stain was completely gone. 15 minutes later the spot had dried and you could never tell the blood was ever there.