Enzyme Power - Naturally It's Clean

Enzyme Power

Enzymes are a new way to clean for a healthier home.

  • Stains on your kitchen floor are removed naturally
  • Food preparation surfaces are cleaned naturally
  • Mold, mildew and soap scum stains are eliminated naturally
  • Safer to use around children and pets than traditional, harsh chemicals.

Our new line of non-toxic cleaning products really works – products that not only outperform other “green” cleaners, but chemical cleaners you’ve tried before.

Our enzymes dissolve dirt and grime into its basic natural components – safe for you, your pets and family, and safe for our planet.

Enzymes are the tools of nature. They are present in all living things, where they perform the essential functions of converting food to energy and new cell material. As catalysts they speed up natural processes and create natural reactions that otherwise would not materialize.

How do enzymes work? Enzymes bind to the target material catalyzing it into harmless basic elements.

Enzymes can be classified by the types of material they work on: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, cellulose, and lipids. They can also be classified by the types of reactions they perform.

Is there more science than you want to know? The key is that enzymes will outperform caustic chemicals and the natural oils found in other cleansers. It’s because both natural and chemical cleaners work on the same fundamental principles — acids break down alkalines, and alkalines break down acids. Toxic chemicals work well because they’re strong acids and strong alklalines, and natural cleaners are typically less effective because they’re weaker acids or alkalines.

Our cleaners are completely different. We use only plant-based enzymes, just like enzyme cleaners used in the surgical suite to clean surgical instruments. This means you can trust them to be safe for your family, your pets and the environment.