Keeping It Clean

Spring Cleaning Guide


The sun is still up by the time you come home, birds are chirping, flowers are starting to bloom… spring must be around the corner. That means running the kids back and forth from the baseball diamond, taking your pup to the dog park every other day, and soaking in as much sun as possible until the leaves change in fall. Before spring is in full swing, freshen up the house from the winter blues. As long as you take it room by room, you’ll find yourself done in no time. Especially with this cleaning lineup!

NIC Product Line Up

Naturally It’s Clean has you covered when it comes to cleaning, so let’s dive in.


First things first. Let’s get caught up on laundry. Starting a load before you get into the rest of the house provides you time to flip out loads in between tasks and gives you a “break”. If you’re like me, there are at least 3-4 loads that I need to do, so the earlier you start in the day, the better. Once all the laundry is washed and sitting in baskets, you can take 3-5 business days to fold it!


Remnants of Christmas sugar cookies and the figgy pudding have found themselves nestled in the corners of your kitchen. Nothing has stirred since the holidays, not even a mouse. Well… at least not yet! So, let’s hurry to reclaim the space by giving it a deep clean. 

To kick off operation “De-winterize the Kitchen”, I did the dishes. While this is probably my least favorite chore to do around the house, it’s an easy one. After the dishes are washed, dried, and put away, I wiped down my sink and the countertops with the Multi-Surface Cleaner. Done. Easy. Then, I wiped down the other countertops. The Multi-Surface Cleaner was my favorite tool in the kitchen. It could wipe down the countertops, the sinks, the oven, and the microwave. Everything!

NIC Products

In particular, cleaning the dining room table was a nice surprise. The grains in the faux wood had been collecting a dark residue. All my other cleaners seemed to smear it more or contribute to the problem. Not this cleaner! With minimal elbow grease, that black residue was gone, and I could safely eat at my dining table again.


After the dishes are done and the countertops are wiped down, let’s get to the nitty-gritty bits of the kitchen. Like the oven grates. I whipped out the Heavy Duty Cleaner, followed the easy and straightforward directions on the back of the bottle, and ta-da! Well, I’ll be honest, it really didn’t seem like this cleaner wasn’t doing a lot at first. I would spray and agitate a dirty area with a sponge, and it just seemed like it wasn’t doing anything. Giving up, I rinsed the grates off and stuck them back in the oven. Then, I realized the table I had been cleaning the grates on was covered in grime! So, it was working! I just have crazy dirty oven grates! (Which wouldn’t surprise me, I haven’t cleaned them since last year’s spring cleaning.)

To further your kitchen cleaning experience, you can reorganize the cabinets. I would recommend this if you got new appliances for Christmas and they’re taking up too much counter space. Reorganizing the kitchen will make it feel “messy” as you pull everything out, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

My final step was to mop the floor, which it desperately needed. After a wet winter, the vinyl flooring had muddy paw prints throughout the kitchen. Not to mention coffee stains from my husband’s fancy espresso machine. It was just yucky.

NIC Product Cleaning Example

Did you know when you combine one oz. of Floor Concentrate with a gallon of water, you get a gallon of cleaner? And it works like a charm! Paw prints? Gone! Coffee stains? Gone! My floor looks the cleanest it has in a very long time while smelling like orange zest!

Living Room & Bedrooms

The living room and bedrooms are simpler than the kitchen. What’s mostly required is picking up blankets and toys. Maybe a bit of dusting and rounding it out with some vacuuming.

Remember that furry friend who tracked in mud on my kitchen floor? Don’t worry, she does the same to my carpet! That’s why I was so happy to have the Carpet Stains & Odors Remover. I can spray it and work it into the carpet since Naturally It’s Clean products are designed to safely clean your home without caustic chemicals, so my pup could still walk around freely! After getting any stains out of the carpet, vacuum! I vacuum frequently, as the very fluffy dog who likes to shed makes sure I need to keep up with it as much as possible.

Safer for Pets

Tip! Try to vacuum a different path every time. You’ll avoid letting the same dirt stuck deeper into the carpet where the vacuum can’t pick it up.


The worse for last, in my opinion. Bathrooms are gross. It’s where you do your business, clean the gunk off your teeth, and wash the grime from your body. I get the purpose is to get clean in the bathroom, but all that grime winds up sticking everywhere, and it is extremely gross! I detest cleaning bathrooms. (That’s why I usually make my husband do it). You scrub and scrub and yet it never seems completely clean. It doesn’t help that our bathrooms aren’t ventilated very well, so spraying harsh chemicals on the shower and toilets leaves us almost gasping for air.

This time, I was able to clean the bathrooms! The smells were subtle and refreshing. Since most bathrooms cleaner have strong smells, I was apprehensive about their effectiveness, but I was proven wrong! Besides the Multi-Surface Cleaner, the Toilet Cleaner, and the Mildew Stain Remover were my FAVORITE products in this lineup. They worked marvelously and didn’t leave me feeling nauseous. The toilet bowl cleaner left a light orange fragrant scent, while the mildew cleaner was lemony fresh. The smells worked together very well as if I had lit a citrus candle. Don’t take my word for it! Check out these results!

Toilet Cleaner

Pros & Cons


  • Smells fresh, not overbearing
  • Doesn’t smell like strong chemicals
  • Surfaces look and feel clean


  • Silver tab used to seal containers are difficult to pull off
There you go. That’s more or less what you can do for your own home since everyone’s definition of “clean” is a bit different. I definitely recommend using products that can be used safely, especially if you have children and pets, and are made naturally. Harsh chemicals just leave you feeling a bit too sterilized at the end. Check out the cleaning company that’s passionate about your safety and cleanliness: Naturally It’s Clean.