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Carpet Stains & Odors Ready-to-Use 24 oz

Carpet Stains & Odors Ready-to-Use 24 oz

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Carpet Stains & Odors Ready-to-Use 24 Ounces

  • Natural & powerful enzymes break down the food, wine, coffee and pet stains to deep clean your carpet and eliminate odors.
  • Soap just pushes the stains around – enzymes destroy them.
  • The enzyme action is what eliminates the odors.
  • No covering up the odors with any synthetic additives or phony scents – destroy the mess with the powerful plant-based enzymes.
  • Bob Vila judged this formula “Most Eco- Friendly”
  • pH neutral and safe for all carpets. But for fancy rugs with vegetable dyes, test in an inconspicuous area for any color changes.
  • Never tested on animals.
  • No VOCs, no hazardous propellants, no harsh chemicals or fumes.
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